Shiva Sutras by Dev Om

About the Author

Dev OM is a result producing and an easy going new age Spiritual Mentor and Life Coach.
He is an author, a speaker and founder of ”I Am Happy Foundation”, a non-profit organization that is working to spread permanent Peace, Love and Happiness in everyone’s life.

Dev OM is widely regarded as one of the living masters, mystics and mentors of Life Empowerment and Spiritual Growth. He has worked intensively in the area of Spiritual Alignment, Life Energies Management, Oneness, Synchronicity and Mind Training for Emotional Maturity for more than 16 years and has transformed the lives of many through his books, CDs, seminars, courses and personal coaching.

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He was born in 1974 in a humble religious family in Central India. Since his childhood he showed deep interest in mystical nature of Life and Universe. His interests were almost never aligned with those of his own age. Since very early, he used to sit alone in meditation and contemplation for hours. Continuing on his mystical journey in all the years to come, he became increasingly engrossed in his Sadhana, even while completing his education as a Network Engineer and Masters in Information Technology. His studies along with professional work related to networking and connectivity combined with his spiritual practices and meditational experiences gave him a push, providing clarity about his inner mystical connection with the Whole Universe, Oneness and Synchronicity.

He received Realization in 2009 after going through a series of mysterious events. Going by his inner inspiration and Divine Guidance, he left hugely successful software exports business and completely dedicated his life to work for individual Life Empowerment and upliftment of human consciousness.

About the Book

The Siva Sutras are perhaps the most authoritative book by DEV OM and certainly it is an outstanding treatise on a definite system of philosophy. This work elaborates the dynamic side of consciousness and serves as a commentary on the Siva Sutras. The Divine Consciousness is not simply cold, inert intellection. It is rather spanda, active, dynamic, throbbing with life, creative pulsation. Siva Sutras are considered to be a revealed book of the Yoga : supreme identity of the individual self with the Divine. Each Sutra is given in Devanagari. A long introduction, together with an abstract of each Sutra, throws a flood of light on the entire system of Siva Yoga.


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