Publish an eBook and Save the Trees.


Saving the Trees : Another reason to Love eBooks.

Electronic books are kinder to the environment than print books. Creating an electronic book takes three times fewer raw materials than a print book and uses seven times less water.

eBooks are also good for us:

eBooks Save the time. Reader do not have to go to the store to purchase a new book.With ebooks, readers can rest assured that they are helping the environment while boosting their own comfort.tree-01

Some of our eBooks are:-

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich is a 1937 motivational personal development and self-help book by Napoleon Hill inspired by a suggestion from Scottish-American businessman Andrew Carnegie. While the title implies that this book deals with how to get rich, the author explains that the philosophy taught in the book can be used to help people succeed in all lines of work and to do or be almost anything they want. Jim Murray wrote that Think and Grow Rich was credited for Ken Norton’s boxing upset of Muhammad Ali in 1973. The Reverend Charles Stanley writes, “I began to apply the principles of (Think and Grow Rich) to my endeavors as a pastor, and I discovered they worked!”. The book was first published during the Great Depression. At the time of Hill’s death in 1970, Think and Grow Rich had sold more than 20 million copies and by 2011 over 70 million copies had been sold worldwide. It remains the biggest seller of Napoleon Hill’s books. Business Week Magazine’s Best-Seller List ranked it the sixth best-selling paperback business book 70 years after it was published. Think and Grow Rich is listed in John C. Maxwell’s A Lifetime “Must Read” Books List.


The Wisdom Of Father Brown

Hailed as the ‘King of Paradox’, G.K. Chesterton was a prolific writer who made diverse contributions in different genres of literature. As for his fictions, they were all detective and fantastic stories, infused with funny and insightful comparisons, and supernatural elements, which were entertaining and thought provoking . This short story collection is the second in the Father Brown series. Father Brown is a priest turned detective, who solves crimes by reasoning them on the lines of philosophy, spiritualism and his own knowledge of science. A humble, quiet priest, Father Brown’s cleverness in understanding human nature is explicit in this way of solving the crimes. In a wider perspective, the view of Father Brown were of his own.


Washington Square

Washington Square is a short novel by Henry James. Originally published in 1880 as a serial in Cornhill Magazine and Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, it is a structurally simple tragicomedy that recounts the conflict between a dull but sweet daughter and her brilliant, unemotional father. The plot of the novel is based upon a true story told to James by his close friend. The book is often compared with Jane Austen’s work for the clarity and grace of its prose and its intense focus on family relationships. James was not a great fan of Washington Square itself. He tried to read it over for inclusion in the New York Edition of his fiction (1907–1909) but found that he could not, and the novel was not included. Other readers, though, have sufficiently enjoyed the book to make it one of the more popular works of the Jamesian canon.


Moby Dick

Herman Melville. best known for his masterpiece novel Moby Dick, is a popular American novelist, essayist, short story writer and a poet. Tremendously inspired and encouraged at his early age by Nathaniel Hawthorne who he befriended, Melville started his writing career, though with a little success. His short stories include Billy Budd, White- Jacket, Israel Potter, Redburn, Typee, Omoo, Pierre, The Confidence-Man and many others. After the American Civil War, he published Battle Pieces and Aspects of the War, and then the epic length verse-narrative Clarel. When the vogue for sea stories raged among the English readers, he wrote a series of poems with prose head notes- all inspired by his early experiences at sea, and published them in two collections John Man and Timoleon. However, his Moby Dick or The Whale has been undoubtedly his most famous work and is considered one to the greatest literary works of all time.


Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a character created by Scottish novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie. A mischievous boy who can fly and never grows up. Peter Pan spends his never-ending childhood having adventures on the small island of Neverland as the leader of his gang, the Lost Boys. He Spends his time interacting with mermaids, Native Americans, fairies, pirates, and occasionally ordinary children from the world outside Neverland.


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