Reading Fiction Novels : Good way to improves Empathy.

Characteristics of a Novel:-

  1. Innovation
  2. Length
  3. Writing Style
  4. Content
  5. Character and Plot Development

 A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

This first novel of the author, his semi autobiography, depicts the story of a young Irish boy Stephen Dedalus, essentially his intellectual and religio-philosophical awakening to his social, familial constraints and his entry into a broader world. Being the oldest son of an impoverished father and a highly devout Catholic mother, he struggles to come to terms with his family, his nation, and his religion, and finally leaves his motherland to seek his identity. This young man has myriad of experiences from his encounters as a leader at his college, as a young man given to lust, and as a young man given to fanatic religion, he recognises his love for beauty, and turns to nature and art. He attains mental maturity as he realises his constraints in the name of nation, religion and family. He leaves Ireland to pursue his life as a writer. Infusing modernistic techniques of literature, especially the ‘stream of consciousness’ technique, the novel is loaded with themes like constraints and entrapment and their resultant outcomes like sense of independence and escape.

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20000 Leagues under the Sea :-

This most popular science fiction by the French Novelist Jules Verne unravels an exotic and fascinating underwater world as it presents the expeditions of Captain Nemo and his submarine Nautilius, as narrated by Professor Pierre Aronnax. Aronnax, a noted French marine biologist and an expert field, is invited to join a voyage arranged by the US government to track down and attack a mysterious monster that destroys all ships. Their team starts its search, but in vain. Finally, as they charge into a battle, they miserably fail. With the damage of their ship, they are thrown overboard. When they think they’re on the “hide of the creature” they’re actually on a large metal construction. which is the submarine of Captain Nemo. What follows are heir adventures aboard Nautilius. By presenting a virual world of submarines, which did not exist during his time, Jules Verne had actually tried to sound prophetic. The amazing potentialities of the submarines in military operations have been revealed through the ideas shared by Captain Nemo. The underlying themes of the book — man’s constant quest for adventure and his thirst for knowledge-have been tactfully interwoven with the enthusiasm and motivation with which Captain Nemo proceeds with his voyage. The book holds the interests of tiot only those with a scientific bent of mind. but also others, age it is flighty-inspiring and innovative.


As a Man Thinketh :-

James Allen’s books being absolutely practical, have their source in the teachings of religions across the world, especially the New Testament, the Old Testament, and Buddhism, and the thoughts of World’s great philosophers. As a Man Thinketh, the widely acclaimed book is second in the list of inspirational books written by Allen. Echoing the Buddhist teaching that all that we are is the result of our thoughts, Allen tries to establish in this book that, as a man thinks in his heart, so he is. Allen drives home the two essential truths of life through this book. One is that, we are what our thoughts have made us because, thought leads us to action. The other truth is that we are the architects of our future. If we believe in this, we can transform our dreams into realities.


The Path of Prosperity :-

James Allen was a British philosophical writer known for his inspirational books and poetry and as a pioneer of the self-help movement. He was one of the forefathers of the power of positive thinking. In this book you will learn how to change your life through the way you think. This book will guide you to understand life and how to find peace and prosperity by changing your attitudes and reactions towards life challenges. The way to true riches is to enrich the soul by the acquisition of virtue. But the man, who is outwardly poor, yet rich in virtue, is truly rich, and, in the midst of all his poverty he is surely traveling towards prosperity; and abounding joy and bliss await his coming. If you would become truly and permanently prosperous, you must first become virtuous.


Around the World in Eighty Days :-

Travel and high on adventure, this book is especially appealing to young readers. Jules Verne’s intrepid travels take us both in time and place through strange environs — from the rescue of sati to a hair-raising confrontation with the marauding Sioux. The readers travel with the hero, Mr Fogg, and his loveable manservant, to exotic lands and experience.


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