Amazing Cartoon Facts You Probably Never Knew

  1. The inspiration to use very large eyes in anime and manga came from American Cartoon characters such as Betty Boop , Mickey Mouse, and Bambi.
  2. MEL BLANC, who was the voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and many other popular cartoon characters, died 25 years ago today on July 10, 1989.Daffy-Duck-Cartoon-Vector-8-500x5001
  3. Paul Winchell , the person that voiced the cartoon character ‘ Tiger’ was also the man that designed the first Artificial Heart.
  4. Mel Blanc’s real name was Melvin Blank but he changed the surname after a teacher told him he would amount to nothing with a name like Blank.
  5. The type of carrot Bugs Bunny usually eats is a species called Danvers. Mel Blanc hated carrots.
  6. Bugs Bunny was the first cartoon character to appear on a stamp; Popeye was the first to have a statue erected in his honour.
  7. There are 151 main characters in The Simpsons.
  8.  In the late 17th century the word ‘cartoon’ was applied to any drawing on stout paper or card.
  9. The Oscar for best animated short film was first awarded in 1932 at the fifth Academy Awards.
  10. Ed, Edd and Eddy is cartoon network’s longest running series, running for almost 11 years.Eds
  11. The reason why Mickey Mouse was drawn with white gloves was because walk Disney thought the normal mouse nails were  too violent for children to watch. Many Cartoon and video character have copied the trend.
  12. Donald Duck Cartoons are taken  incredibly seriously  on Christmas Eve in Sweden.
  13. Walt Disney dislike the goofy cartoons and only continued the series to make work for his animators.
  14. In 1843, the magazine Punch became the first to apply it to humorous drawings.
  15. Shaggy’s ( from scooby doo ) real name is Norville .Original_Shaggy

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