‘Safe Circle’- Power of five: An app that helps you stay safe in the city

Safety :-   Safety  is  the state of being “safe”  and  the condition of being protected.

OUR safety in our hands. That’s the simple philosophy with which the app HooSafe has been created and developed. Safety, security and peace of mind are the three principles that guided and motivated .With increased accent on safety, lack of trust in processes and a trust deficit in systems.

“The app caters to different needs of people –

1.From managing a workforce
2.To being a line of sight for parents.
3.A way for the elderly to be in touch,
4.Working women to feel secure while travelling late or when in unfamiliar places.
5.Easy access in a crisis is one of the main features of HooSafe and it’s easy to use,” explains .

The app provides five options:-

  1. HooSOS
  2. HooThere
  3. HoofInfo
  4. HooAssit
  5. HooTouch

1.HooSOS :-

HooSOS  allowing the user to create an emergency circle of five trusted people. At the touch of a button on the phone, an SOS goes to these five people, through an SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook alert. Once you log in, the app facilitates to provide your location in a 500-mt location. “Once the five people receive your message, be it regarding a car break-down, flat tyre, an accident, medical emergency etc, Google Maps opens and one can navigate easily to the location. The app does not invade your privacy, for it works only once you log in and also you create groups of people whom you first invite to be part of your safety net. Once they accept your invite, you can be in touch,” The app is currently free for Android phones and soon the Apple version, and does not run any data.

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Another option HooThere is an active locator service, giving you the option of creating two groups, of eight each, family and work circle. Applicable across the country, with successful tests being done in the US and France, the option gives you a line of sight and virtual sense of security. companies can use the service for their employees, within work hours, executives who are frequent travellers, for children on the move, elderly who are living alone…

3. HoofInfo :-

The HoofInfo provides emergency health information of the user, with basics such as blood group, allergies, insurance provider, emergency physician providing immediate data to get into action. Dr Raj Seety, a pediatrician, and Dr Vineet Datta, an emergency care specialist, have taken care of these vital aspects of the App.

4. HooAssit :- 

HooAssit helps find important place like ATMs, pharmacy, hospital, doctors petrol stations, repair centres.when you are on the move, helping you access information to not only how to reach to these places, but also providing phone numbers and addresses.


5. HooTouch:-

Similarly HooTouch helps you be in touch with people at regular intervals of time, messages and automated notifications of location are sent through an SMS. “It’s all about prevention in the first place, and in an emergency getting in touch with your close ones and feeling secure,” .

                                                         ” Be Alert ,  Be Safe”. 

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