Books ! The Best Weapons in the World.

Classic Books of all time favourite :-

1. The Prince And The Pauper :-

Tom Canty is a London street urchin who dreams of becoming a king while Edward Tudor, Prince of Wales, dreams of escaping his royal confinement. By a sudden twist of fate, they find themselves in each other’s circumstances. Thus a bedraggled -Prince of Poverty” is raised to royalty, while a pampered Prince of Wales finds himself tossed into a world of filthy beggars and villainous thieves. The Prince and the Pauper, originally published in 1881, is one of Mark Twain’s earliest social satires. With his tongue-in-cheek irony, Twain satirizes the power of the monarchy, unjust laws and barbaric punishments, religious intolerance, and superstitions. Although originally written as a story for children, The Prince and the Pauper is a classic novel for adults as well, offering critical insight into a people and time period not really all that different from our own.


2.The Mayor Of Casterbridge :-

The Mayor of Casterbridge is a tragic novel subtitled “The Life and Death of a Man of character.  Michael Henchard a strong man, in a fit of drunken anger sells his wife and baby girl at a country fair, Nineteen years later, a changed Henchard has risen to be Mayor of Casterbrige, but behind his success lurks the shameful secret of his past. One of the most powerful novel the Mayor of Caterbridge The story uses love, jealousy and death to create drama in which to display life of a man. It is a powerful story of ordinary people going through life. The Mayor of Casterbridge was written in 1800 and typical of the that time and place.


3. Tess Of The D’Urbervilles :-

Tess of the d’Urbervilles was Thomas Hardy’s penultimate novel and was first published in 1891 when he was fifty-one years old. It tells the story of Tess Durbeyfield who is driven by family poverty to claim kinship with the wealthy D’Urbervilles and seek a portion of their family fortune In doing so she, meets her ‘cousin’ Alec, who proves to be her downfall. In order make a fresh start, Tess goes to work in Wessex on the Talbothays farm, where she meets the gentle and bookish Angel Clare, the younger son of a parson, who seems to offer her love and salvation, but Tess must choose whether to reveal her past or remain silent in the hope of a peaceful future. Set among the lush pastures and bleak uplands of Hardy’s imagined Wessex, and filled with unforgettable images of tenderness and tragedy, the story examines conventional morality through Tess herself, one of the best-loved characters in English literature.


4 . Far From The Madding Crowd :-

Far from the Madding Crowd is Thomas Hardy’s fourth novel and his first major literary success. The central character is the vivacious and independent young heiress, Bathsheba Everdene, who arrives at Weatherbury to take up her position as a farmer on the largest estate in the area. Her bold presence draws three very different suitors. Each in contrasting ways unsettles her decision and complicates her life and tragedy ensues, bringing violence and scandal into the idyllic rural community In chronicling the love of these three suitors and their influence on Bathsheba, Hardy portrays a deep understanding of human sentiment and this is undoubtedly one of the greatest of his love stories. At the same time, his understanding of the lives of farmers and ranchers in rural England makes him a forerunner to the realistic tradition in literature.

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5. The Picture Of Dorian Gray :-

Oscar Wilde brings his enormous gifts for astute social observation and sparkling prose to The Picture of Dorian Gray, his dreamlike story of a young man who sells his soul for eternal youth and beauty. This dandy, who remains forever unchanged— petulant, hedonistic, vain, and amoral—while a painting of him ages and grows increasingly hideous with the years, has been horrifying, enchanting, obsessing, even corrupting readers for more than a hundred years. Taking the reader in and out of London drawing rooms, to the heights of aestheticism, and to the depths of decadence, The Picture of Dorian Gray is a fascinating look at the milieu of Wilde’s fin-de-siecle world and a manifesto of the creed “Art for Art’s Sake.”


6. The Happy Prince And Other Stories :-

One of the greatest writers of the 19th century, Oscar Wilde is still widely popular even among the technically savvy minds of the younger generation for his immortal masterpieces in all genres of literature —poetry, short stories, novels, plays and essays. The Happy Prince establishes the fact that short stories writing had been Wilde’s forte. The story is a favourite among children for its tale of a kind-hearted statue and an amorous swallow who attempt to rid their city of poverty. Equally heartrending are the other stories such as The Nightingale and the Rose, The Devoted Friend and The Fisherman and His Soul. Fused with splendid imageries, the stories underlie the depth of wisdom and morality in mankind. In short, this is a ‘must read’ and ‘must possess’ collection in everyone’s library.

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