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1. Following the Equator

Following the Equator (sometimes titled More Tramps Abroad) is a non-fiction travelogue published by American author Mark Twain in 1897. Twain’s fifth and last travel book is a relatively straightforward narrative of his round-the-world lecture tour of 1895-96. It includes discussions of Australian history and economic development‚ Asian culture‚ British rule in India and South African politics. It contains many humorous passages‚ but is generally more serious in tone than the author’s earlier travel works.

Following the Equator

2. Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc, is an 1896 novel by Mark Twain that recounts the life of Joan of Arc. It is Twain’s last completed novel, published when he was 61 years old. The novel is divided into 3 sections according to Joan of Arc’s development: a youth in Domremy, a commander of the army of Charles VII of France, and a defendant at trial in Rouen. Originally, the novel was published as a serialization in Harper’s Magazine beginning in April 1895. Twain, aware of his reputation as a comic, asked that each instalment appear anonymously so that readers will treat the piece seriously. Twain said he regarded this work as his best: his version of the story of the Maid of Orleans who‚ in 1429‚ at the age of 17‚ led a French rebellion against English domination. She was tried for witchcraft and heresy by French priests‚ supporters of the English‚ and burned at the stake. Twain viewed Joan of Arc as his bid to be considered a “serious” writer. Joan is considered to be Twain’s ideal woman: gentle‚ selfless and pure‚ but also courageous and eloquent. Twain’s Joan is said to be modeled after his oldest daughter‚ Susy‚ who died tragically three months after Joan of Arc was published.

Joan of Arc Cover Image

3. The Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories

The Mysterious Stranger is the final novel attempted by the American author Mark Twain. He worked on it periodically from 1897 through 1908. The body of work is a serious social commentary by Twain addressing his ideas of the Moral Sense and the “damned human race”. An adult tale set in a medieval European village‚ The Mysterious Stranger tells of some boys who encounter a young stranger who performs wonderful feats of magic and shows the boys different times and places in mankind’s history. The stranger turns out to be a nephew of Satan. In this work‚ not published during his lifetime and not in its entirety for decades after his death‚ Twain explored and explained his feelings about religion and faith‚ good and evil.

Mysterious Stranger

4. The Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson

Pudd’nhead Wilson is a novel by Mark Twain. It was serialized in The Century Magazine (1893–4), before being published as a novel in 1894. A murder mystery set in a town on the Mississippi featuring strong and weak characters‚ some black and some white. The book has a strong female character‚ unusual in Mark Twain’s writing. While trying to solve the mystery you will enjoy reading great quotes at the beginning of each Chapter from Pudd’nhead Wilson’s Calendar such as: “Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a funeral?”

the tragedy of pudd'n head wilson

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