Morals in Moral Stories

Moral Story:

A moral is a message conveyed or a lesson to be learned from a story or event. The moral may be left to the hearer, reader or viewer to determine for themselves, or may be explicitly encapsulated in a maxim.

Short  Moral Stories that Will Change the Way You Think : 

                                           1.  Help only the Truly Deserving 

I have mentioned earlier about help. It is a tenet that distinguishes a sentient being from a lesser developed animal. To Help others is actually our duty. But two things are important. The person being helped should both Desire and Deserve the help. This anecdote is from mythology.

Frogs can swim, but a scorpion cannot. Incessant rains had caused floods and a drowning scorpion begged a frog to take it across.


                                          ” Help only the truly deserving ones.
                              This will ensure that optimal use is made of your help.”

” But if I carry you on my back, you would bite me,” said the frog. The scorpion promised not to bite and boarded the frog’s back as it swam across. Half way across, it bent down its tail and stung the frog.

The poison spread and the dying frog asked just as he sank:

“Oh scorpion! Why have you bitten me? Now both of us will drown!”


The drowning scorpion said, “I just can help it.It  is my nature, and just as you cannot stop helping others, I cannot stop stinging others !”

This parable clearly proves that help should you only be offered to someone who deserves it.

                                 2.  Confidence is good , Over-confidence is bad 

A smart and aggressive salesman drove his van to a place in Bihar. He landed in front of house, and  carrying the vacuum cleaner, he landed on the door. An old lady opened the door.He gave her a smile and started, “I am here to demonstrate my vacuum cleaner!” “But !!………..”

“No buts! No ifs! This is the best vacuum cleaner in India.”

“I agree with you but………..”

“No buts and ifs! You see this plastic bucket in my hand? It is full of  cow dung and street dirt! “


“No buts…….! I am now going to sprinkle this all over your carpet and stamp over it like this!”


“I know! You are angry at the carpet getting soiled! But don’t you worry! My vacuum cleaner will suck it all out and make your carpet brand new!”


“No buts! No ifs! If my machine doesn’t clean every bit of dust, then I would lick it clean with my tongue!”


“Instead of wasting time interrupting me, it would be better if you show me the plug point where I can insert this plug.”

“But that is what I am trying to tell you. We don’t have electricity supply!”

                                                            Over-confidence is bad;
                                                                Survivors know it.

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