Key to Health

Health :

 Health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living organism. In humans it is the ability of individuals or communities to adapt and self-manage when facing physical, mental or social challenges.
                                           Man Becomes what he eats.
                           The grosser the food , the grosser the body 


The Human Body :- 

It is necessary to understand the meaning  of the word health, before entering upon a description of the human body. He is a healthy man whose body is free from all disease;he carries on his normal activities without fatigue. Such a man should be able with ease to walk ten to twelve miles a day, and perform ordinary physical labour without getting tired. He can digest ordinary simple food. His mind and his senses are in a state of harmony and poise. This definition does not include prize fighters and such like. A man with extraordinary physical strength is not necessarily healthy. He has merely developed his musculature, possibly at the expense of something else.


It is necessary to have enough knowledge of  the human body which is expected to attain the above standard of health.

A man with extraordinary Physical  Strength is not necessarily healthy

AIR :- 

No one can live without air as one can without water for a few days and without food much longer. Therefore, nature has surrounded us with air on all sides so that we can get it without any efforts.
We take in air through our nose into our lungs. The lungs act as  a  sort of bellows. The atmospheric air which we breathe in has a life – giving substance – a gas known as oxygen. The air that we breathe out contains poisonous  gases. These can kill us if they are not immediately allowed to spread out and get diluted by the atmospheric air. Hence the necessity of proper ventilation.


The air comes into close contact with blood in the lungs and purifies it. Many people do not know the act of breathing. This defect prevents an adequate purification of their blood. Some people breathe through their mouth instead of their nose. This is a bad habit. Nature has so designed the nose that it acts as a sort of their for the ingoing air and also wants it. In mouth breathers the atmospheric air reaches the lungs without the preliminary filtration or warming it. It follows therefore that those who do not know how to breathe should take breathing exercises. They are as easy to learn as are useful.

Water  :-

Next to air, Water is the necessity of life. We cannot live without it for more than a few days, just as without air we cannot live for more than a few minutes. Therefore, as in the case of the air, nature has provided us with ample amount of water. man cannot live on barren land where vast tracts of desert land lie utterly uninhabited.

In order to keep healthy, everyone should take 5lbs. of water or other liquid food in 24 hours. Drinking water must be pure. In many places it is difficult to get pure water. There is always risk in drinking well water. The water of shallow wells , and even deep wells with staircase leading down to the water level, should be considered absolutely unfit for drinking purposes. The difficulty is that the appearance and even the taste of water are no guide to its purity. Water which appears perfectly harmless to look at and to taste, can act as poison. the old custom of not drinking from an unknown well or from a stranger’s house is worth copying.


In Bengal almost every house has a kachcha tank attached to it. As a rule the water of these is unfit for drinking purpose. River water is also frequently not fit for drinking, particularly where the river is used for navigation or where it passes by a big city and receives its drainage and sewage water.

           Nature has provided us with sufficient reserves of vitality.

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