The Future of Pakistan

About the Book :-  The book is really concerned with the inter-linked future of India and Pakistan, and the various facets of the Muslim Problem, geo-political, pan-Islamic and all that. It tears apart Jinnah’s Two-Nation Theory, analyses the working of the Islamic State of Pakistan, appraises its chances of survival…

However, the survival of Pakistan is not the question, nor its viability. Pakistan can live and prosper as an independent, sovereign, modern state like Switzerland. Alternatively it may settle down as an autonomous region in a larger confederal polity covering the whole subcontinent. Presently, Pakistan is in a state of uneasy equilibrium, the powers that be having opted for an Islamic State.

The position is extremely intriguing, for the Government of Pakistan has bartered away its sovereignty. The Russians are threatening them just across the Khyber. The mullahs are exploiting the common innocent folks of Pakistan. The army stands with their guns over their shoulders!

And we are ourselves encircled. How, do we get out of this vicious circle? This is really a many-faceted problem. It has to be viewed in the context of the basic fact that the peoples of India and Pakistan have an indivisible history, also an indivisible geography. The defences of the two countries cannot be bifurcated; and the conflict between them can only be of a civil war type, both in its magnitude and also in its bitterness.

The stark fact is that the Mountbatten Plan of 3 June 1947 is dead; and we have been carrying the carcass on our heads. Its dead weight suffocates the peoples of India and Pakistan. The trouble so far has been that each party to the conflict carries with it the whole weight of a rather vicious history.

One thing is certain: disaster alone will be the consequence of trying to walk backwards, as Pakistanis have been trying to; and there is a risk involved that we may fall into the net…

The author has therefore devoted a substantial part of the book to proving how making religion the basis of the State in Pakistan is destroying the State itself!

The famous historical gap in the North West Himalayan range of mountains through which Muslim conquerers came into India. A military station since the British days.

Priest incharge of a mosque. Teacher in a Muslim school; also, sometimes a word of contempt in Muslim society.


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