The Incredible Bhagat Wadhuram Saint of Sind


About The Author:

PROF. D.H. Butani, distinguished scholar and writer, started his academic career in the early thirties, having graduated with First Class Honours in Economics in 1933 with the highest record in the history of the D.J. Sind College, Karachi, Sind, Pakistan. Born in Sind in 1913, Prof. Butani won several academic distinctions and awards at school and college. Prof. Butani has held positions in the academic world, Government and the United Nations. He was the economic policy writer in the Eastern Economist in the mid-forties, also its Acting Editor for some time.

For several years he dealt with economic and statistical coordination at the Cabinet Secretariat, and has worked as Economic Adviser to a major scheduled bank in India.

As Director of Research at the National Productivity Council, and Editor of the NPC Productivity journal, Mr. Butani contributed massively to the creation of new literature in the field of productivity, covering practically the entire range of productivity techniques and ideas. He has been a vigorous protagonist of a policy of full employment plus full productivity, as the solution of the problems that plague this country.

The Book:

The Bhagat was born on 20 October 1868, 118 years ago, in Central Sind at a place known as Bhiria on the left bank of the Indus. He passed away 57 years ago at the same place on 25 January 1929 at the not very old age of 61. As usual, his disciples remember him very particularly on this day. The aggressive spirituality of the one and the self-effacing humility of the other, his faith in the efficacy of divine power in the affairs of men, his indifference to mundane affairs, along with his abiding concern for the welfare of all men, women, children, animals, birds—without show off of any kind: all this served a social purpose, a subtle elevation in the level of life. This series—Saints of Sind—has been designed to bring out the social purposiveness of their lives and works. Spirituality there was or was not, in certain cases—but the contribution of the saints of Sind to social development was a very significant one.

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