The Difference That Makes the difference between A Confident person or a Non-confident Person

Key Differences between a confident and a non-confident human being.

The Confident Human Being :- 

1.Has compelling goals that powerfully inspire & excite.
2.Is growing consciously in all areas of life- emotional , financial and physical.
3.Is proactive. Makes things happen by going for them.
4.Has an internal locus of control-only bothers about which are directly under control.
5.Has mastered the worry habit-for good!
6.Knows how to manage his feelings and emotions and use them to achieve his goals.
7.Is totally comfortable with self, others and in any social situation.
8.Laughs Comfortably: has relaxed and powerful body language and makes strong eye contact.
9.Lives in alignment with his deepest values and beliefs and never strays from them.
10.Is decisive and an independent thinker.
11.Is comfortable around opposite sex and with one’s sexuality.
12.Is sexually confident and has a healthy sexual attitude.
13.Powerful and impressive body language and voice tone.
14.A Powerful eye contact.
15.Ability to see the funny side of life; good sense of humour.
16.Can say ‘ No’ without feeling bad – a sign of assertiveness’.
17.Is comfortable with his own views, beliefs & opinion.
18.Has a deep self-respect and expects others to respect him/ her too.
19.Respects other opinion and doesn’t feel a need to prove himself to others.
20.Know how to stay motivated.

Non- Confident Human Being  :- 

1.A continuous , uncontrollable need for attention and approval from everyone.
2.Lives and acts out of fear of rejection/ failure.
3.Vulnerable to all kinds of fears.
4.A need to be perfect and right all the time. A deep, inner desire of  being ‘ better then others’ , no matter what it takes.
5.Inability to take decisions.
6.Inability to express one self assertively.
7.can get emotionally immobilised or stuck in key situations of life.
8.Negative,submissive body language. Inability to see others in eyes. Wrong posture.
9.lack of Energy in voice tone, timid and sometimes squeaking voice.
10.Uncontrollable nervousness , sweating.
12.Fearful of conflicts: arguments. Fear Confrontations.
13.A liar: Usually tells lies for defence.
14.Inability to take and carry on responsibilities.
15.Arrogant , angry and controlling.
16.Has no or poorly defined goals.
17.Disconnected from one’s ultimate purpose of life or possibly has no idea that it exists.
18.Shame, guilt and regret for one’s sexual desires.
19.Tense, anxious and uptight around others.
20.Inability to carry on a conversation even when desired.

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