Terrorism is any act designed to cause terror. In a other sense, terrorism can be understood to feature a political objective. The word terrorism is politically loaded and emotionally charged.terrorism is the systematic use or threatened use of violence to intimidate a population or government for political, religious, or ideological goals. Terrorism in India, according to the Home Ministry, poses a significant threat to the people of India. Terrorism found in India includes ethno-nationalist terrorism, religious terrorism,left wing terrorism and narco terrorism.

Terrorism strikes at the basic principles of humanity of all that we cherish. By choosing the way we die, it mocks our lives and diminishes all that we struggle to achieve.

A week after the Mumbai train blasts on july 11, 2006, in which 187 people died, they lost their lives, their dreams, their doubts, their hopes, their struggles.


We should give tribute to the indefatigable spirit of Mumbai- the only city in the world to have faced not one but two serial blasts. It is also a toast to its citizens – the ordinary people of mumbai who worked tirelessly through the night to help the wounded, the stranded and the missing, but for whom it was business as usual  the next morning as, sixteen hours later, the Mumbai Locals rolled out again and a grieving city went about its business.

I want to give a tribute to the spirit of Mumbai , to those people who lost their lives through expressing their stories :

Hemlata Yadav :
Home Guard, worked to help pay brother’s school fees

The only photograph the yadavs have of their daughter Hemlata(19) is the passport-sized one she had got taken whem she dropped out of school to give herself and her family a second shot at a better future in this city, by joining the Brihanmumbai Home Guards. Seated on a platform bench in Borivali station with her sister Suman and a friend,all three of them colleagues, Hemlata was discussing a new job when the Virar- bound Fast pulled in – its first class coach stopping just a few feet away from the bench where she sat. The impact of the bomb threw all of them to the floor.’ Madhuri and i fell to the ground from the bomb’s impact but my sister was injured badly. I tried to pick her up but her sister was wounded. She never got up. Guddu was the more outgoing one of us. She was working hard to send our brother to school. She dreamt of getting a government job and resuming her studies on the side,’ Suman remembers badly. hemlata’s immediate superior, Zonal Commandant Vasudev Yogi recalls, ‘ The uniform held great appeal for her. In her year’s service during Gokul Ashtami and then over the past eight  months at the railway station, she was always calm, composed. She would definitely have got a good job in the government or the police.’Her mother Sumitra remembers the things her daughter loved, the good things, and the bad , but most especially, she remembers that Tuesday’s unfulfilled promise; ‘ She loved arbi. On Tuesday morning , she went out to purchase some and told me she would cook it herself for the family when she returned home after work……..’

 Pratik Patil 
A responsible elder brother and computer whiz

On terrible Tuesday, Pratik was going the things an elder brother usually does- saving his father an errand’ looking out for his sister. On his way back from computer class in Worli, pratik Patil was to check the admissions list put up at Vartak College, Vasai, for his sister prateema who had just cleared her class X exams. he did but couldn’t reach home in faraway Nallasopara to tell them that her name was on it. To his teenaged sister and brother Sachin he was their best friend. To his parents , father Nivrutti and mother Sangeeta he was the responsible one. For himself, a greek in the making, all pratik wanted was to be a part of the new workforce of young ambitious talent that had propelled India and its IT sector onto the world map. ‘Why would I say anything to him? He was doing all that was needed, be it helping at home or studies. There was never any reason to complain , ‘ says his home-maker mother, recalling how, after he’d completed class XII, they had to dissuade him from taking a job with Taj Hotels to help support the family. Only last year , Pratik had assembled a computer for himself. ‘ Naturally, he was very possessive about it.When he was away at his grandmother’s for 20 days, he locked it up. It was only after he came back that we asked him to open it for his brother  to play on,’ says his father. His mother remembers what pratik said when his class XII results  were announced; ‘ He came home and told me his friends were asking for sweets. Then he said he would give them sweets once  prateema’s results were out. We’ll give sweets together  to everyone, he’d said.’

Ranjan Naik
ITI officer, his young son was the centre of his life.

Sandhya Naik will blame herself for  along time. Every day, before he left office at 5.15 pm, her husband Ranjan Naik would call to find out if she needed anything from town. ‘ That was our little ritual,’ she says. But on Terrible Tuesday, she only wanted him home early for the Guru Purnima puja. He couldn’t make it. The blast in the first class coach of the Virar Local killed him.’ Had i asked him to get something , he wouldn’t have been on that train ,’ frets sandhya. For 40 years old Ranjan Naik , a deputy manager with the Indian Telephone Industries(ITI), his eight years old son jivesh( Bittu at home) was the centre of his life, says his wife, a home-maker for the last nine years. Now she has many worries: ‘I’ ve heard they will recruit people only as class IV employees . I’m graduate bit i don’t even mind a clerical post.’ Her biggest worry is Bittu’s education, his future. Bittu Offers a solution as only an eight year old can: ‘ You can give tuitions at home, Mama.’ This he adds, will ensures she’s at home , to see him off as always,  when he leaves for school at 11.30 am. But Sandhya has already begun preparing him for some drastic changes in their schedule. Once she starts working, she will neither be home to see him off, nor be there to greet him when he returns home from school after 6 pm. The neighbours have offered to look after him while sandhya is away. But Bittu still can’t understand why his mother will have to leave him and keeps asking his aunt about it. he even promises  to be good and not ask for anything, expect for the bicycle Papa Promised’.

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